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Our Summer Pass Sale is on now.
Save 15% on your 2024/2025 Season Pass!
Sale ends July 31.

Please review our “How to Buy a Season Pass”
tutorial before beginning your purchase.

PASS TYPES24/25 Season
Full Price
Summer Sale
15% off
Adult (19-64 yrs)$585 +tax497.25 +tax
Couple$1100 +tax935.00 +tax
Teen (13-18 yrs)$265 +tax225.25 +tax
Youth (4-12 yrs)Free!Free!
Special (5th Grade)Free!Free!
College/Trade School 
(School ID Required)
$485 +tax412.25 +tax
Senior (65-69 yrs)$485 +tax412.25 +tax
Super Senior (70+ yrs)$250 +tax212.50 +tax

Buying an RFID* Pass in our new eStore…

The way the Loup sells passes is changing with this Spring Pass Sale. Buying an RFID pass will require some additional steps during your initial purchase. Please use the button below for step-by-step instructions.

*Why RFID Passes & Tickets?

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that encodes digital data and enables RFID-equipped cardholders hands-free access to lifts, reloading and reuse capabilities. But scanning your Season Pass has other benefits for you and the Loup!

Simply present your RFID at a self-scanning kiosk, a 5-second process, and you are DONE! When you scan your Season Pass, it will provide you with an accurate skier log of your visits to our trails that you can track from home on your personal customer account. Scanning your pass also provides the Loup with info such as total user visits and the demographics of users, and will become an essential tool when going after grants to expand our programs.

Our RFID Tickets are a passive technology that does not track whereabouts or hold any personal information. This allows for fast processing of online purchases and reduces paper ticket waste each season. These cards are reusable forever, well, at least until you lose them! We offer $3 replacement cards for all users.

2024/2025 Season Pass Benefits

Loup Loup Ski Bowl Season Pass Holders receive the following benefits at other resorts. Offers are only valid while both areas are in full operation.

  • NEW! Goat’s Beard Mountain Supplies (Mazama)
    Show your Loup Pass for 20% off.

  • NEW! Baldy Mountain (Oliver, BC)
    Two Free Days, then 25% off
    (Not available December 20, 2024 – January 5, 2025 & February 14 – 17, 2025)

  • NEW! Hurricane Ridge (Olympic Peninsula)
    Two Free Days, no restricted days

  • 49 Degrees North (Spokane)
    Two Free Days
    (Not valid ALL Saturdays, December 16, 2023 – January 16th 2024 & February 19th – 20th, 2024)
  • Mt. Spokane (Mead)
    Three Free Days

  • Bluewood (Walla Walla)
    Two Free Days

  • Mission Ridge (Wenatchee)
    Three Free Days during Winter Season
    (Monday – Friday, not valid holidays)

  • Lookout Pass (Idaho)
    Three Free Days
    (Not valid December 18, 2023 – January 3, 2024, January 14 -16, 2024 & February 17 – 20, 2024)

  • Diamond Peak Ski Resort (Incline Village near Lake Tahoe, NV)
    Three Free Days
    (Not valid December 18, 2023 – January 2, 2024, January 14 – 17, 2024 & February 18 – 27, 2024)

  • Apex (Canada)
    25% off Day Tickets

  • Big White (Canada)
    25% off Day Tickets

With the Indy AddOnPass…
our season pass just got even better!

The Indy AddOnPass is a cloud-based pass that gives you two free lift tickets and a third discounted day at 100+ independent and local ski resorts. Loup passholders get access to the Indy AddOnPass’ best pricing, saving nearly 30%. Turn your Loup Season Pass into a travel pass and explore Indy Resorts across the US, Canada and Japan!

Indy Pass Addon Badge

Loup Loup Legacy Pass • $6000

After much discussion and debate, we are super excited and ready to offer the sale of a very limited number of Legacy Passes.* These passes are for anyone and everyone and are good as long as there is a Loup Loup Ski Bowl.

It’s no secret to anyone in the Ski and Snowboard community that this winter has been hard on ski areas across the country on a historic level. With many areas having never been able to open and spin their chairs at all. Unfortunately, El Nino has taken its toll on the Loup as well…and we are in need of help.

So…That begs the question, “Why buy a Legacy Pass then??”

The simple answer is….it’s a Win Win Win! 

Win #1  By purchasing a Legacy Pass now, you are entitled to skiing at the Loup for the rest of your life and/or the life of the Loup.

Win #2  By Purchasing a Legacy Pass now you help ensure that there is a Loup Loup Ski Bowl for you, your family, and the community to enjoy long into the future. The longer the Loup can thrive and survive the more benefit you get from your Legacy Pass.

Win #3  By purchasing a Legacy Pass for you or a loved one you can inflation proof your or their skiing…for life! Think about it, in the 60’s a brand new car was $3,000 …now the average price is nearly $50,000! Skiing unfortunately has suffered the same effects of inflation and it’s very likely to continue. With your purchase, you can side step inflation and help save a small community ski hill at the same time. 

And if that still doesn’t tip the scales…forecasters are already predicting a greater than 70% chance of a La Nina cycle by mid summer…so with a little luck and a whole lotta snow dances…this low snow year will just be a distant memory! 

Thank you for supporting the soul of community skiing in NCW!

Snow-frosted forest on the slope of Little Buck Mountain.